10 Facts about Labia Majora

Facts about Labia Majora discuss an interesting topic about a part of female genital. The singular term of labia majora is labium minus. Labia majora extend from the backward and downward to the perineum from mons pubis.  The vulva has two types of labia. Both are labia majora and labia minora. Check other interesting facts about labia majora in the below post:

Facts about Labia Majora 1: the common name

The common name of labia majora is the outer lips. On the other hand, the inner lips are the term to call labia minora.

facts about labia majora
facts about labia majora

Facts about Labia Majora 2: the anatomists

The anatomists call labia majora as labia majora pudenda to distinguish it from other parts of the body, which have the similar structure or shape.

Facts about Labia Majora 3: the analogy

The labia majora is for female, while the male develops scrotum. The exterior surface of labia majora features the pubic hair. Moreover, they have darker skin than the outer skin area.

labia majora pic
labia majora pic

Facts about Labia Majora 4: the surfaces of labia majora

You can spot two surfaces on labia majora. The inner part features the large sebaceous follicles.  It has smooth texture. On the other hand, the pubic hair is spotted at the outer part. It is pigmented.

Facts about Labia Majora 5: the differences of labia majora and labia minora

Can you tell me the differences between labia majora and labia minora? The former one is fattier. The labia minora do not have hair.  Check facts about labia minora here.

Facts about Labia Majora 6: the function of labia majora

Both labia majora and labia minora have the similar functions. Both are used for protection from the opening of urethra and vagina when you take a pee and for clitoris protection.

Facts about Labia Majora 7: the shape, color, and length of labia majora

Each woman has different shape, length and color of labia majora. The amount of hair on the labia is also different. Look at facts about labiaplasty here.

labia majora
labia majora

Facts about Labia Majora 8: the abnormalities

The abnormalities related to labia majora are very rare. However, it is always recommended for the women to see the gynecologist if they find irritation, lesion, a cut, sore or burning on the labia.

Facts about Labia Majora 9: the bigger labia

Labia majora and minora look bigger when they are aroused during the sexual encounter.

labia majora image
labia majora image

Facts about Labia Majora 10: shrinkage of labia majora

It is very common to have the labia majora shrink after the women have the menopause stage. It is caused by the reduced amount of hormone estrogen.

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