10 Facts about Labor Pain

Facts about Labor Pain tell you the experience of women who give birth to a baby. There are various kinds of pains faced by the women during the labor.  Some women feel the cramps on their belly, while others feel the tightening on their belly. The painful experience is varied from one woman to another woman due to her special labor. Here are other interesting labor pain facts to notice:

Facts about Labor Pain 1: the pain medication

Even though the labor is painful, some women do not have to get any pain medication. They have high level of tolerance to the painful labor.

facts about labor pain
facts about labor pain

Facts about Labor Pain 2: the severe pain

The women who have the severe pain often describe the labor as matter of life and death. However, the painful condition suddenly disappears when they see the baby.

Facts about Labor Pain 3: the factors, which affect the labor pain

The level of paint experienced by the women during the labor is varied because of several factors such as the baby’s position in the pelvis, baby’s size, the usage of Pitocin, the strength of the women’s contraction, and labor speed. If the women have pitocin, they will experience stronger contraction.

labor pain images
labor pain images

Facts about Labor Pain 4: why labor hurts?

The main source of pain during the labor is the contraction caused by the muscular organ. The baby will be out of the belly if the organ contracts powerfully. That is why the women face the pain.

Facts about Labor Pain 5: the intense pain

The contraction gives intense pain that you can feel on the abdomen, bowels, bladder, perineum, back, pelvic area and torso.

Facts about Labor Pain 6: the ability to resist the pain

The ability to resist the pain depends on the life experiences as well as the genetics.

Facts about Labor Pain 7: the perception of women toward the pain

The perception of women toward the pain will also determine the labor pain that they will experience. The negative and positive labor stories, the social support, anxiety and fear also affect their perception.

labor pain pic
labor pain pic

Facts about Labor Pain 8: the early labor stage

During the early labor stage, the cervix will be opened around 3 to 4 cm. Look at facts about labia majora here.

Facts about Labor Pain 9: the active labor

The cervix will be opened at least 7 cm during the active labor stage. The contraction is longer and stronger.

labor pain pictures
labor pain pictures

Facts about Labor Pain 10: the transition, pushing stage and placenta delivery

The next stages the transition, pushing and placenta stage. The second stage will last for few minutes until 3 hours depending on the condition.

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