10 Facts about Laboratory Animals

Facts about Laboratory Animals tell the readers about the animal research, in vivo testing, animal experimentation or animal testing. The test is employed in the laboratory. That is why the animals are called as the laboratory animals. The scientists use the animals to find out the variables of biological system or behavior. The animals employed should be non-human animals. Let us check other useful facts about laboratory animals:

Facts about Laboratory Animals 1: the experimental research

The laboratory animals are employed in various experimental researches conducted in commercial facilities, defense establishments, pharmaceutical companies, medical schools and universities.

laboratory animals
laboratory animals

Facts about Laboratory Animals 2: what is the function of using laboratory animals?

Do you know the primary function of the usage of laboratory animals in experimental research? One of them is to find the cure for a certain disease.

Facts about Laboratory Animals 3: the applied research

The cosmetics testing, toxicology, defense research, breeding and testing are some instances of applied researches.

laboratory animal
laboratory animal

Facts about Laboratory Animals 4: education

The laboratory animals are often employed in education during the psychology and biology courses.

Facts about Laboratory Animals 5: the vertebrate animals

The report stated that more than 100 million vertebrate animals were employed in the experiments. They included the non-human primates and zebrafish.

Facts about Laboratory Animals 6: the report in United States

There were 834,453 vertebrates used in the laboratories in United States in 2014. The number did not include the numbers of invertebrates, frogs, fish, birds, rats, and mice.

Facts about Laboratory Animals 7: the number of rats and mice

There were 80 million rats and mice used in the research in United States in 2001. There were 11.5 million animals employed in the researches in Europe in 2011. More than 85 percent of the research animals were amphibians, fish, rats and mice. After the animals are used in the experiments, they will be euthanized.

Laboratory Animal Image
Laboratory Animal Image

Facts about Laboratory Animals 8: the sources of laboratory animals

A few animals are taken from wild area. However, most of them are bred for the experimental purposes.

Facts about Laboratory Animals 9:  the supporters of animal experiments

The supporters of animal experiments in the laboratories believe that the role of animals cannot be replaced any with computer models. Moreover, the animal experimentation plays an important function in the development of medical achievement.

facts about laboratory animals
facts about laboratory animals

Facts about Laboratory Animals 10: mice

It seems that mice are considered as the most popular animals used in the laboratory experimentation. The usage of dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and primates is reportedly decreased.

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