10 Facts about Laboratory Apparatus

The various tools and equipments in the laboratories are explained on Facts about Laboratory Apparatus. The scientists will need those tools when they make experiments or tests. Bunsen burners and microscopes are considered as the classical apparatus. However, both are still employed until this present day. Other important tools to employ in the laboratories include calorimeters, spectrophotometers and conditioning chambers. Let us find out other facts about laboratory apparatus below:

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 1: the function of laboratory apparatus

Laboratory apparatus is very important to have in the laboratories because they enable the scientists to gather data, take measurement and conduct the experiment.

laboratory apparatus facts
laboratory apparatus facts

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 2: the scientific instrument

The term scientific instrument is used to define the more sophisticated laboratory apparatus. The open hardware principles are always employed when creating the scientific instruments as well as the common laboratory apparatus.

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 3: what is laboratory?

Can you define the laboratory? There are various kinds of laboratory in the world. It can be a darkroom if we talk about laboratory for film. If it is about science, the medical laboratory is the perfect term for it handles the chemical compounds. Other types of laboratory include the industrial lab, public health lab and crime lab.

laboratory apparatus types
laboratory apparatus types

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 4: the chemical laboratories

Some laboratory apparatus used in chemical laboratories includes the spectrophotometers, HPLC, reagent bottles and beakers.

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 5: science labs

Some important tools used in science labs include pipette, autoclave, bioreactor, shakers & mixers, incubators, thermal cyclers, fume hoods, reagents, microscope, biological safety cabinets, bioreactor, pipettes tips, ult freezers and many more.

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 6: pipette

Pipette often serves as the media dispenser for it transports the liquid. This tool is common to spot in medicine, biology and chemistry.

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 7: the design of pipettes

Pipettes are available in many designs. The electronic pipettes and adjustable pipettes are the complicated ones.

laboratory apparatus
laboratory apparatus

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 8: the laboratory glassware

The scientific experiment will be successful to do is the laboratory glassware is presented. The example of the notable glassware includes sodalime glass and borosilicate glass.

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 9: a beaker

When you need a container for heating, stirring or mixing liquids, use the beaker.

facts about laboratory apparatus
facts about laboratory apparatus

Facts about Laboratory Apparatus 10: the design of beaker

Just like pipettes, beakers are also available in many sizes and designs. Get facts about laboratory animalsĀ here.

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