10 Fun Facts about Laboratories

Facts about Laboratories give the interesting information about a facility used by the scientists to conduct experiments, measurements, and scientific researches. There are many forms of laboratories in the world based on their functions and requirements. The engineering and sciences have many fields of studies so that the laboratories should be made based on the particular specifications. It is very common to spot the presence of tools used for refining and casting metals inside the metallurgy laboratories. On the other hand, the vacuum chambers and particle accelerator are spotted inside the physics laboratory. Here are other interesting facts about laboratories to concern:

Facts about Laboratories 1: the wet laboratory

The wet laboratory is mostly used by the biologists and chemists. You can find many laboratory apparatus here such as beaker and pipettes.

laboratory pic
laboratory pic

Facts about Laboratories 2: psychologist’s laboratory

Have you ever heard about psychologist’s laboratory? The function of the laboratory is to observe the behavior of the subject.  It always features hidden cameras with a one-way mirror.

Facts about Laboratories 3: computers

The presence of computer in the laboratories is crucial. The scientists will use the computers to analyze the collected data from the experiments.

laboratory image
laboratory image

Facts about Laboratories 4: the location of scientific laboratories

The scientific laboratories are not only found in the government and industry but also in the spacecraft, universities, schools, ships and military facilities.

Facts about Laboratories 5: the laboratory techniques

The procedures followed by the scientists when they conduct the experiments are called the laboratory techniques.

Facts about Laboratories 6: the laboratory apparatus

There are various kinds of laboratory apparatus, which might be used by the scientists to conduct the experiment such as the electrical devices, a volumetric flask, glassware, an Erlenmeyer flask, and other supplies.

Facts about Laboratories 7: the classical tools

Microscopes and Bunsen burners are some classical tools that the scientists still use until today. Check facts about laboratory apparatus here.

laboratory pictures
laboratory pictures

Facts about Laboratories 8: the hazards

The hazards often occur laboratories since the scientists have to deal with the explosive, flammable, infectious or even poisonous agents.

Facts about Laboratories 9: the rules

The scientists who conduct experiments in the laboratories should flow the rules to minimize the presence of hazards.

facts about laboratories
facts about laboratories

Facts about Laboratories 10: Laboratory Standard

Laboratory Standard is the standard procedure applied by OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration in United States for hazardous chemicals and exposure in the laboratories. Get facts about animal laboratory here.

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