10 Fun Facts about Lace

Fun Facts about Lace will tell you one of the fashionable fabrics. Lace can be made in two ways, by hand and by machine. It has the open weblike pattern made by using the thread or yarn. The delicate fabric can be made from various threads such as silver, silk, linen and gold. The cotton thread is mostly applied to create lace today. However, the usage of silk and linen threads is still applied.

Facts about Lace 1:  the synthetic materials

The synthetic fiber is generally used as the primary material for the manufactured lace.

lace fashion
lace fashion

Facts about Lace 2: the artists

The thread is not always employed by the artists to create unique lace. Some modern artists apply the silver wire or copper wire to create lace.

Facts about Lace 3: the origin of the word lace

The term lace is taken from the middle African word. The Latin word is laqueus, which means to ensnare or entice.

black lace
black lace

Facts about Lace 4: the types of lace

There are many types of lace observed based on their creation. They include the white work lace, needle lace, knitted lace, knotted lace, bobbin lace, and many more.

Facts about Lace 5: bobbin lace

The bobbin lace making is very popular in town.  You will need a pillow and bobbins to create this piece of lace. The threads will be held from the plastic, bone or wood bobbins. One of the common types of bobbin lace is Chantilly lace.

Facts about Lace 6: needle lace making

The height of lace making in the world is always associated with needle lace. Some people consider it as an art for you need to create the lace using thread and a needle. It can be a time consuming activity if you apply the elaborate pattern.

Facts about Lace 7: the machine made lace

The machine made lace today is very popular because it consumes less time to create than the handmade lace.

nice lace
nice lace

Facts about Lace 8: the origin of lace making

The historians are still in dispute when deciding the origin of lace making. There were several claims about the origin of lace making.

Facts about Lace 9: the rapid development of lace making

The development of lace was very fast in the end of 16th century. The home decor and fashion featured the bobbin lace and needle lace.

lace facts
lace facts

Facts about Lace 10: the popularity of lace

Because of the popularity of lace, the industry spread in many cottages in Europe. Get facts about lace front wigs here.

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