10 Important Facts about Labrador Retrievers

Facts about Labrador Retrievers give the readers information about a type of a retriever gun dog. People simply call the dog as Labrador.  The dog is very popular not only in United States but also in United Kingdom. Most Labrador Retrievers are trained by the people to accompany the persons with disability.  It is also used by the enforcement agencies for detection work. Some people also employ them for therapy dogs.  The dogs are also famous as hunting and sporting dogs due to the large and high physical appearance. Here are other interesting facts about Labrador Retrievers to notice:

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 1: Ben of Hyde

In 1899, Ben of Hyde was born. It was considered as the first know Yellow Labrador.

labrador retriever pic
labrador retriever pic

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 2: Chocolate Labradors

In 1930s, the popularity of Chocolate Labradors was more established among the dog lovers.

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 3: the show Labrador

The show Labradors have different physical qualities. They have heavier body and shorter legs. On other hand, the athletic and functional physical look is spotted on the field Labradors.

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facts about labrador retrievers
facts about labrador retrievers

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 4: the characteristics of yellow Labrador Retrievers

The yellow Labrador Retrievers are characterized with the expressive and kind eyes. The coat is yellow with short and dense texture. The body is muscular and strong.

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 5: the weight of Labrador Retrievers

Do you know the weight of Labrador Retrievers? On average, they have the weight at 29 to 36 kg or 65 to 80 lb for the males. The females have the weight of 25 to 32 kg or 55 to 70 lb.

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 6: the characteristics of Conformation Labradors

The fuller face, shorter appearance and stockier body are seen on the Conformation Labradors.

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 7: shedding

Labrador Retrievers will shed their coat significantly. The level of shedding is varied from one dog to another dog.

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 8: the tail and hair

Labrador Retrievers have the strong and broad tail. The hair is straight and short.

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 9: amazing swimmers

Labrador Retrievers are amazing swimmers because they have webbed toes. They also protect them from the cold temperature.

labrador retriever
labrador retriever

Facts about Labrador Retrievers 10: the coat

The acceptable coat colors for Labrador Retrievers include chocolate, yellow, and black.

Are you fascinated after reading facts about Labrador Retrievers?