Top 10 Facts about Labour Party

Facts about Labour Party inform the readers about one of the political parties in United Kingdom. It serves as the center-left party. The development of Labour Party took place in 19th century due to the growth of socialist parties and trade union movement. The members of Labour Party are diverse for it covers the members with moderately social democratic to the strongly socialists.  That is why it has been described as a broad church. Let us check other interesting facts about labor party to notice:

Facts about Labour Party 1: the foundation

Labour Party was established in 1900. In the beginning of 1920s, it became the major rival of Liberal Party.

facts about labour party
facts about labour party

Facts about Labour Party 2: the minority government

In 1924 and in 1929 until 1931, Labour Party had a small minority government. It was under the leadership of Ramsay MacDonald.

Facts about Labour Party 3: the wartime coalition

In 1940 until 1945, Labour Party participated in the wartime coalition. When Labour Party was under the leadership of Clement Attlee, it grew and served as the majority in the government.

labour party plaque
labour party plaque

Facts about Labour Party 4: Harold Wilson

Labour Party was also successful under the leadership under Harold Wilson when it served in the government in 1964 until 1970. In 1974 until 1979, it also served as the government under the leadership of Wilson and James Callaghan.

Facts about Labour Party 5: the last position in the government

In 1997 until 2010, the Labour Party was in government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. It served as the last position in the government.

Facts about Labour Party 6: the reduced seats

Labour Party had reduced seats. In 2001, the party only earned 167. In 2005, it had only 66.

Facts about Labour Party 7: the general election

During the general election in 2015, Labour Party earned 232 seats. It takes the status as the Official Opposition of the UK Parliament.

labour party leadership
labour party leadership

Facts about Labour Party 8: the record

In the Scottish Parliament, Labour Party serves as the third largest party.

Facts about Labour Party 9: the leader of Labour Party

The new leader of Labour Party is Jeremy Corbyn. He was elected in September 2015.

labour party pictures
labour party pictures

Facts about Labour Party 10: “The Red Flag”

“The Red Flag” is the official anthem of Labour Party. It was inspired from the red flag. The members sing the anthem in many official occasions and party conferences.

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